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The Issues

Balanced Growth for Our City

The key challenge in our ward (and other parts of Burlington) has been the rapid intensification of growth, which is a natural part of living in a thriving and growing GTA community. I believe in acknowledging the benefits of that growth to our home, while collectively finding creative and intelligent solutions.  So, the challenge is not necessarily the fact that we are growing, but instead, the steps we take to address the inevitable growth to our sustained benefit.

My decade of strategic planning experience, along with my in-depth knowledge of land development processes, has proven to me that it is crucial that we find the right balance within the realities of our established governance models of Strategic and Official plans, by-laws, geographical, economic and legislative “Places to Grow” constraints and mandates – while recognizing that this is our home.

Finding that balance is all about our collective ability, through meaningful dialogue of all stakeholders to discern, prioritize and make highly informed decisions.  This is what I bring, the ability to find that balance through education and collaboration. Actively listening to you, the citizens of this city, and applying that through diligent service.

We need to be properly informed and make intelligent decisions about how we address the needs of our city and focus on the unique challenges of our ward, and to keep our City the safest and best place to raise a family and retire.

Working to Achieve Our Common Goals

I believe that the best way to lead is to serve – where the only agenda is for the benefit of the people we look after.  By focusing on quality improvement in services, housing, attracting vibrant and viable businesses, and investment in our community, it’s a win-win for everyone.

This is how I have made all my governance decisions for the past decade.

We are at a time when collaboration and hard work are more necessary than ever.  I want to work WITH and FOR you and I am READY.  We need to find the common ground, the possibilities and positives, all with an eye on the vision of maintaining our Ward and City as the envy of the province.

The process of change establishes a point where we must become involved, be accountable and take responsibility for what we want to love and protect, to push through the uncomfortable exercise of exploring the best avenue to positive, realistic change.

As your Councillor, we can do this together! We will be that team!!