I truly hope that you will consider donating to my campaign. I believe in working collectively to find solutions that will benefit our ward and all of Burlington.  Any contribution that you can make will help realize those goals.

I am only capable of accepting donations via cheque or cash. All contributions should be made out to the “Arlene Iantomasi Campaign”.

Our campaign is accepting donations from individuals who live in Burlington and are eligible to vote in the October 22nd Municipal Election.

Donations can be mailed to: 772 Old York Road Burlington ON L7P 4X9

If you have any questions please email

If you are considering donating, please be aware of the following election campaign finance regulations:

  • All donations must include the full name of the donor and their home address
  • No corporate or union donations can be accepted
  • The maximum contribution is $1,200
    • The maximum total anyone can contribute to all candidates in a municipal jurisdiction (i.e. City of Burlington) is $5,000
  • The person signing the cheque is the donor, officially
  • The receipt is not for income tax receipt purposes